Profiling Our Incubatees: Zach Tull

Profiling Our Incubatees: Zach Tull

the first story in our series. we're Taking a closer look at the interesting lives of our incubatees- when they aren’t working on solving complex social problems.  

Meet Zach Tull. Driven, caring, and environmentally-passionate,  Zach stumbled upon Elix’s website and became interested after a few minutes of scanning it. A week later, Tull became one of Elix’s first accepted applicants.  

Tull is launching a social venture called Smart Paint. The goal is to create nanoparticle infused paint, improving energy efficiency, and ultimately minimizing human fossil fuel consumption. While Tull is fully prepared to invest time and energy into creating a successful company, Elix is only one dimension of this busy teenager’s life. Ski instructor, cook, varsity athlete, AP student, and small business owner—Tull does it all.

Peer Tutor is a company that Tull started on his own in the summer going into junior year of high school. His company is designed to help K-8 students with school work while helping them develop the work ethic of a successful high school student. By creating a business, Tull learned more than he had expected. He realized that there were plenty of experts in the tutoring field that were willing to offer advice and help him create his own business.

“Very similar to Elix, [Peer Tutor] was founded on the principles of empowering high school students because I think they are one of the most underestimated groups of people in our society. And I thought that they could do, if put to the right task, just as good a job, if not better  then other people.”

Tull hires high-achieving juniors and seniors as his tutors. According to Tull, juniors and seniors know current teaching methods that younger students are familiar with, and it’s cheaper than most tutoring companies.

“With the traditional tutor, they are in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s and they’ve been out of school for many many years. They might be intelligent, they might have a Ph.D in chemistry, it doesn’t matter. They aren’t familiar with the current systems,” said Tull. “So a peer tutor who was just in middle school or elementary school is so up to date with all the newest methods that what they teach the kid is parallel to what they are learning in school, which is really helpful to them. It creates less confusion.”

Tull hopes that the tutoring lessons help young students not only learn key concepts, but also become better prepared for the next steps of their life and educational journey.

Tull’s environmental interest expands to a passion for science too.  He takes both AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science (APES) this year. He described chemistry as a class that “clicked” for him, so he knew that he should pursue it and try AP Chemistry.

“AP Chemistry is by far my hardest class, but I really like the teacher, Ms. Peck, and I really like the kids in it. I love the content that we learn,” Tull said.

Maybe Tull’s most unique hobby is  his passion for cooking and baking. Baking has been a family holiday tradition since before he can remember. His mom taught him, and then he began making more baked goods on his own.

“It’s really fun and relaxing to take an afternoon to do a baking project,” Tull said.

One of the best desserts he has ever baked was a lemon meringue pie.  He made the entire pie from scratch, including the crust.  It took him about six hours in total.

Clearly, Zach Tull is a prime example of an ambitious Elix incubatee. His wide range of hobbies highlight his outgoing and adaptive personality. It seems that Tull has the determination to do whatever he sets his mind to. We are proud that he is an Elix incubatee.