Elix Incubator FAQ

Am I qualified to be an incubatee at Elix?

If you hope to work in business and change the world for the better, then you fulfill our main criteria.

In order to become a social entrepreneur under Elix, you must be a high school student. You must also be able to speak, read, and write English comfortably.

Can applicants be from anywhere?

Absolutely! We welcome incubatees from Asia to South America, New York to San Francisco, and anywhere in between.

Do I already have to have a social venture to be part of Elix?

No. Though we are happy to help take existing social ventures to the next level, we also work with budding social entrepreneurs who haven't started their business yet. Elix's creative team will help you come up with a social venture to launch.

Do I have to pay to have my social venture incubated?

No, there is no financial cost for the social entrepreneur.

How long can my business be incubated?

Elix will incubate your social venture for one to three years. However, once you have finished the incubation process, Elix's network of professionals and donors will still be open to you.